How James Gunn gave Firefly a standing ovation

Guardians Review

The title may be long, but this is probably going to be my shortest review. Everyone’s calling Guardians of the Galaxy Star Trek or Star Wars.

For me, this was the biggest tribute James Gunn could pay to Joss Whedon and Firefly.

(Lest we forget, Joss also gave us the Avengers movie, which was fun too.)

Let’s look back, shall we – this is a ragtag crew of misfits, coming together in extreme circumstances, to explore the universe and have adventures along the way.

A synopsis for Firefly – that’s how I looked at it.

Firefly - for Guardians Review

Only thing, James Gunn added Chemical X to Firefly and gave us the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain Mal Reynolds is transformed into Peter Jason Quill, or as he calls himself, Star Lord. This is a hero with chutzpah, joie-de-vivre, a penchant for fast guns and faster women, and above all, a big heart. He assumes the role of the natural leader, and is fiercely loyal to his crew. And oh, also to his mother’s gift – an audio cassette compiling the best hits from the 80s.

Drax the Destroyer, I would say, is a more refined, evolved version (physically at least) of muscleman Jayne Cobb. While Cobb was mostly a mercenary without a cause (he did show his soft side once in a while), Drax has lost everything in life – his family having been wiped out by Ronan and the Kree clan.

I dare you Firefly fans to tell me that you didn’t find similarities between Gamora and Zoe. Both are strong women who don’t hesitate to pull the trigger when needed, and both are able to hold their own in battle.

His ‘vocabulistics’ (as Rocket puts it) maybe limited to three words (I AM GROOT), but Groot surprisingly turns out to be a voice of reason and compassion, much like Shepherd Book. He is also a great ally to have, as demonstrated in the Kyln and aboard Ronan’s ship Dark Aster. Even Shepherd Book showed his utility as a crew member (not just as a pastor) more than once in Firefly.

Rocket. Now here’s a tricky little fella. You could say the foul mouth automatically makes him more like Cobb, but I don’t know. Bradley Cooper lent the right amount of believability and no-holds-barred fun to a character like Rocket, by the way.

What else? You could say Yondu is like Badger, for instance. And of course, Mal’s Serenity is Quill’s Milano. Couldn’t find any similar characters for River, Simon, Kaylee, Inarra and Wash. Maybe there aren’t any.

I could go on and on about Guardians of the Galaxy and Firefly, but I guess for non-fans it’ll just become boring. I’m not going to reveal any punch lines or interesting plot points, because this is one movie you should go in and watch from start to end, even if you’re not a comic book fan or a fan of the space travel/sci-fi genre.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a great film, above everything else. I give it a solid 9.5/10. It beats The Avengers, and that’s saying something. I recommend you to watch it in IMAX at least twice. You’ll be doing yourself a favour.


PS: Talking about Captain Mal Reynolds, the man himself, Nathan Fillion, has a blink-and-you’ll-miss cameo in the movie. Try and spot it before the credits roll. And I docked half a point for the end credits scene. Slightly underwhelming.


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