The Forest Of Pleasure

Part – I

Once upon a time, a man of unprecedented decency,
And of unmistakable poverty,
Bored, by his hard, laborious work,
At court, his master caused him to irk,
Eventually, seized by the inevitable wanderlust,
Thought in his mind, only himself did he trust,
‘Over the yonder, venture I must’,
Over the yonder, when he cast his eye,
His heart overjoyed, his smile was wry,
For there stood a forest, dark and deep,
Yet to be ventured, yet to be seen,
Dangerously his mind began to waiver,
 From the little fruits earned by his hard labour,
‘Now it is time for a bit of stealth,
By which I stand to gain some easy wealth’
Such were the thoughts that crossed his mind,
As he quietly ate the cheese with the rind

Part – II

He stole out, in the death of night,
Summoning his courage, and all his might,
Trudged slowly along, towards the forest,

Hoping that his journey would not be a mare’s nest,

Suddenly, a Voice came from within,
‘Isn’t your path riddled with sin?
Better off, weren’t you, with thy kith and kin?
No matter the state of your abject poverty,
You were known as a man of honour and loyalty,
I ask thee once again and again,
Is it wise to lose honour for material gain?’
The Evil Conscience then spoke out, not in vain,
‘what hath thou honour given?
To a state of poverty you have been driven,
To hell with honour, to hell with loyalty,
Seek those treasures, which will give you royalty,
No longer will you be at the behest of a master,
So continue thy journey faster and faster,
Before honour changes thy mind,
And will take you back to a life of grind’

Part – III

Desperate, the man lumbered on and on,
Till he reached the forest, body weary and mind worn,
As he peered through the dark jungle,
Afraid that at this task he might bungle,
The trees swayed in reassurance,
‘Come, come, to wealth this is an entrance’
Appeased at the smooth rustle of the leaves,
He entered the forest with an abundance of belief,
That taking this path wasn’t a wrongdoing,
Hence, in the battle ensuing,
Between the consciences Good and Evil,
Alas, for once, did Evil prevail,
Pushing into the depths of this vast unknown,
Bravery within the man had grown,
As he motored along unbeknown,
Of the dangers, the peril, that lay ahead,
‘My bravery should keep me in good stead’
Said he, as he sought, to find his bread

Part – IV

As his will began to tire,
He stumbled upon the Magical Mire,
That showed him the pleasures of vice,
Which, unbeknown to him, came at a price,
The mire seemed to be luring him,
‘All here shall be at your whim’
To counter that, his Voice again spoke,
‘Enter the Mire, you will be heart-broke,
Let wisdom prevail, retrace your path,
Else you will face the grapes of wrath’
Alas, his Voice, he did not heed,
Overcome by poverty, selfishness and greed,
Gingerly he stepped into the Mire,
Dragged immediately into the greed of his desire,
A step he would regret for the rest of his life,
He heard the Voice, whilst struggling and in strife,
‘Alas, my words you did not heed,
Honour gave way to vice and greed,
Down you go into the Mire,
Where you will face a baptism of fire,
You followed False instincts, for no reason or rhyme,
Therefore, you deserve, a life of CRIME…’


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