The Drill

“Wait for him to sleep,” she said.

The obsequious daughter replied, “Yes mommy.”

When he started snoring, they moved in. The mother said, “now I know this is your first time, but try not to get too excited.”

“What if he wakes up mommy?”

“No dear, he won’t. There’s a trick see… you have to wait until he’s into a deep sleep. You’ll learn that as you go along…”

“What about dad?”

“Dad can’t come. I already discussed that with you.”

The little girl looked up at her mother. “Okay mom… I’m ready.” She smiled thinly.


She felt warm blood rushing into her mouth, and then down her throat. It was heaven. This man had a fat arm.

“My turn.” Mother had her fill from the man’s neck.

Suddenly, he stirred and turned to sleep on the right side of his body. And then, he opened his eyes…

15 minutes later

“That was close,” said mother.

“He almost killed me!” The daughter was in tears.

As the mother consoled her, she contemplated on their escape from death. And then, her daughter asked her, “Mommy, why is it that if we kill them, it’s bad, but if they kill us, it’s good?”

She sighed. She had no answer.

Meanwhile, the man had woken from his sleep. “LISTEN! I told you to  put the mosquito coil in my room, didn’t I?”


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