Now before you get turned off thinking this is one of those spam ads, this is not. If you’ve been watching TV off late, you’ll notice this ad of ‘Xrbia’ – they’re the new realty developers in town.

Put two and two together and you’ll realise that they are the ones giving away a 1BHK flat for free. FOR FREE. I thought this was another wild goose chase. Too good to be true. I ignored them.

They then caught my attention on Twitter. They ran a little contest about #DeshVideshMovies, where you had to convert Hollywood movie titles into Hindi movie titles (I came up with a few good ones and a few lame ones). Before I could react, BANG! I had won. They should be sending my prize sometime soon.

After that, I went to their site, and they have ANOTHER contest running – where contestants have to explain WHY they deserve to be the President of Xrbia. Put in either a video/photo entry and the best entry wins a 1BHK flat.

Another gimmick? Or a breakthrough social media campaign? For me, only time will tell – I can’t make any assumptions before the results are out. Oh, and if you do want to take part in the contest, I suggest you visit

Last date for entries: August 12, 2012. What’s the harm in trying?

1BHK flat… FREE!

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