Learn to Bury Your Guilt With Anger

“Make no mistake Mr. Wayne… I’m not on your side.”

As if I was surprised. Joker had bought me more time, that’s all I cared for. But how do I tackle Ra’s if I’m bound to an armchair?

“Now you stay here while I make arrangements for my friend… oh I know he’s going to want to come here, that little Bat of mine!” he laughed.

“Where’s Ra’s?” This was beginning to look like a game of hide and seek. Every time I land up with a bad guy, someone else goes missing.

The Joker stopped on his way out. “He’s… all in one piece, don’t worry Mr. Wayne. I don’t kill unless necessary.”

Necessary meaning until all hell breaks loose.

“Just in case though…”

It was all black after that.

About 3 hours later (at least I think so), someone splashed water on my face.

“Mr. Wayne! Mr. Wayne! Are you all right?”


“Ra’s, Gordon. Where’s Ra’s?”

“You might want to come out and see this, Mr. Wayne.”

Now what?

Finding the front door of Arkham Asylum was a task in itself. Trying to make sense of the situation on the other side of it was a different challenge altogether.

Both Ra’s and Joker, bloodied and worn out, were on the floor.

Ra’s had a lot of razor cuts all over his face, while Joker had a few front teeth missing. Being Joker, he hadn’t lost his enthusiasm though.

“I WILL KILL YOU, RA’S AL GHUL. I really will. I don’t want to know who Batman is! You’re spoiling the fun!”


By the time I got to Joker, it was too late.

A bullet was lodged neatly between Ra’s’ eyes.

Suddenly, the League of Shadows appeared out of nowhere, holding me, Gordon and Joker. And in the distance, I saw the figure of a lady running towards us. She stopped, made a gesture and turned away.

“Somehow I don’t think that’s the last I’ll be seeing of him,” said the Joker.

My thoughts were on the woman as we were dragged away…


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