I Want My Phone Call

When was the last time you had a normal conversation with someone?


I mean, ones where you aren’t discussing how to escape torture, and almost certain death. It’s like a rat trapped in a maze. Everything looks so easy up here, from our view, but the rat is going through hell below.


Ra’s is making me feel like that rat right now. Suddenly, I heard a feeble sound, “Mr. Wayne…”


Gordon. In the shadows. I crawled as fast as I could to him. My legs were feeling numb, somewhat.


I dragged him out into the light.


That hysterical laugh…




“Surprised to see me, Mr. Wayne?”






“Gordon? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ra’s promised me Batman… I want Batman…”


I noticed that Joker was bleeding and his purple suit and trousers were torn in places.


“And you will have Batman, my friend… won’t he, Mr. Wayne?”




“Mr. Wayne, we have to accede to our friend’s request first… Joker has sacrificed much and has waited too long…”


That’s what I was scared of. “Joker, Mr. Wayne knows the identity of the Batman. He’s the one financing Batman. Why don’t you tell him who he is, Mr. Wayne?”


Gordon, where are you when I need you?


Suddenly, Ra’s’ guards went down. And someone was pointing a gun at Ra’s’ head.


“NOT really, Mr. Gull or Ghul or whatever your name is… why spoil all the fun? I’m officially taking over this asylum, and Mr. Wayne with me.”


Bless you, Joker.


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