You Become Something Else Entirely

“You see Bruce? Ra’s Al Ghul is immortal. Invincible. You are merely a mortal.”


I hated his lectures.


“You’ve become what I feared most you would – a vigilante. Gotham sees you as a nuisance, much as I do.”


Commissioner Gordon was in another corner, at gunpoint. He seemed unconscious.


“Oh I’ve just given him a mild sedative. I don’t want him listening to us.”


I got up to attack, but I heard guns clicking.


“Seriously, this is not the level of subtlety I expected from you. Or wait, maybe I should have… after all you do dress up like a BAT!”


No one could know the anger within me, “Ra’s… you really think I’m going to let you…”


“SHUT UP BRUCE! I’m not waiting for your permission! I WILL do it. The League of Shadows has to complete the noble work for which they came to this…”


He said it with a smirk, “great city.”


He went on and on, “For a long time I’ve been doing it the wrong way – I’ve been trying to destroy Batman to get Gotham.


“But Batman is a symbol of hope, an idea, something that is indestructible.”


“I realised then what a fool I had been. The only way I could get to Batman, is to get to you!”


That creepy laugh. I had one important question to ask him. “Where is the Joker?”


“Oh him… he has been treated the same way as the League treats other murdering psychopaths…”


My heart stopped for a minute…


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