At What Cost

Why is it so hard to give up your past?


This is a question I’ve wrestled with ever since… that night. The consequence of not finding that answer is the charade I’ve been putting up every night – as this winged creature of ‘justice’.


Justice? If there was any justice, my parents would’ve lived, I would have been just Bruce Wayne, and… Gotham might have been normal.


No, I’m kidding myself.


But these guys are not. I find myself tied to a chair (again). But this time, all I see is a dim light and the silhouette of a man in front of me.


“I told you Bruce. I am going to reveal this grim façade of yours to Gotham city, once and for all.”


This was no dream.


“I know you can defend yourself and take down my men, but you will have to answer for the corpses of your dear butler Alfred, Lucius Fox and poor Commissioner Gordon, whose arrangements I had to… re-arrange.”


He showed me. Every corner of Wayne Manor had a sniper, but there were three special snipers with their scopes trained squarely on Alfred, Fox and Gordon.


I had to go quietly. But Ra’s wouldn’t even allow me that. He held me by the hair and dragged me.


As he dragged me, I took a peek outside. Yes, Gordon’s arrangements were spot on, but he had no clue about Ra’s’ snipers.


Ra’s slammed my face against the window. “See for yourself. The beginning of the end of Batman… and, Bruce Wayne.”


I saw a hundred reporters waiting at the Hall entrance. A few of them were planted by Ra’s, as backup. Fox was trying to calm them down by saying these were just rumours, but no one was listening. Gordon had the police in control. Alfred… I didn’t see Alfred.


Neither did I see Joker.


Is Ra's responsible


“Where’s Joker?”


“I couldn’t care less, Bruce. Now if you’ll excuse me, we have a press conference to attend…”


There was no Joker. He generally makes appearances. This is one conference he wouldn’t want to miss.


Did I miss something? Apart from the fact that Gotham’s only ray of hope was about to be extinguished?


I think I did. I immediately knocked down Ra’s and a couple of his thugs.


The party was only about to begin…


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