The Dawn is Coming

“What do you fear, Mr. Wayne?”


I woke up with a start. The only man I ever feared was ALIVE. After I saw him go up in flames in a train crash.


As if the nightmare about my parents wasn’t enough.


“Mr. Wayne, how do you feel now?” I felt enormously relieved as I saw Fox’s benign smile. I pinched myself hard. So did Fox. No, this was no dream.


“My head feels as if it’s been rolling around in a Tumbler on LSD. The hands and feet are okay, but my stomach is in knots.”


“How’s your back?”


My back felt as if someone had driven a chainsaw through it. Fox understood; he smiled. At that moment, Alfred walked in.


“You’re seeing dead people, Master Wayne. How many times have I told you not to watch that movie… what’s it… The Sixth Sense?”


I laughed so hard my back hurt. “Ouch… not a time to make me laugh Alfred.”


Fox’s hand was in a sling. I looked at him. “Oh nothing, a token of appreciation from our taxmen.”


He recounted the entire story to me. Ra’s flung his sword at me, which I caught and promptly threw back. His five assassins then leaped at my throat. They sprayed a generous dose of fear toxin into my face, but thankfully Fox’s antidote had not yet lost its potency.


However, I did start seeing a few things after that.


By the time Fox could escape, someone lodged a bullet into his forearm. I successfully managed to beat up the remaining assassins, but Ra’s was too quick for me.


“You’ve STILL not learnt how to mind your surroundings, eh Bruce?”


What followed was a volley of quick, sharp punches to my back and head. I fell to the floor with a thud. Ra’s, quite simply, was THE best assassin in the League of Shadows. He created the damn League, right?


“I could kill you if I wanted to Bruce. But I have a more important task in mind. One which could do worse than kill you. Goodbye for now, my best student.” Then, a blow to the head. Blackout.  


Then, something worse DID happen. I read the newspaper Alfred had brought in with my tray.




Arch-enemy Joker expected to be present




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